Popular Indian application hike stickers chat you not only on our play store but you also will not be running on our phone, yes, the CEO and CO-FOUNDER of the company tweeted that we are going to close our hike sticker chat application in January this month.

why Hike messaging app shuts down

The company also told us that we are closing this application because we could not reach very close to success and the application did not meet our expectations. Therefore, we are closing the hike stickers chat application. There is a lot of shocking news that there is no longer a Made in India chatting application inside our phones. It has a sticker application that will be connected with WhatsApp for Telegram and you can share more than two thousand there. The sad part is that the company says that the users are giving their average time inside the application. The company says that it did not meet our expectations. We could not get the application as much as we used to. Therefore, we are closing this application in January 2021 of this month.

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