WhatsApp said on its Twitter account that we are postponing this WhatsApp new privacy policy update 2021. This means that if you open your new WhatsApp account then you do not have to do this privacy policy.

Meaning that you will not have to accept and no longer, that is, they have taken 3 months until May, we can tell our WhatsApp users what data they are collecting. What we will do and how much data we will share with Facebook. All rumors are circulating till May to clear everything that is causing confusion.

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We are placing your messages to eliminate encryption where they have also posted an image. Here you can see clearly. WhatsApp is saying that whatever private messages you have, we are protecting them.

Here in the second option, we are saying that we do not read your private messages. And as far as Facebook is not in place.

The third here is that WhatsApp does not keep any of your locks.

We do not even see your location nor is it also watching Facebook and WhatsApp.

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