In this article, you are going to know how to use Telegram on pc.

Steps for how to use Telegram on pc 

open any web browser on your desktop.

You can see options for telegram for Android telegram for iPhone, iPad.

if you scroll down again, you will see another two options which are telegram for PC Mac or Linux or the final option telegram for Mac. OS will click on the third option, which is a telegram for PC Mac Linux.

And it will take us to this space and there we are given the options get telegram for Windows portable version for Windows.

Then the setup will start downloading.

And now it’ll ask you to select the language to use during the installation choose your language.

Click on okay.

And we’ll just leave it default and click again next then we’ll click install and start installing then finally click finish.

After that gate will open the office’s telegram desktop app.

Click Start messaging and their enter your phone number and country code.

Next and their telegram will send a code to your mobile device. Just take your phone and enter the code.

And once you’ve entered the code you can start using telegram.

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