I want to show you how to use the new Instagram story voice changer now, as usual, make sure you update your Instagram app.

So you could get this option jump into your Instagram here on my profile.

I’m going to click the profile icon here to jump into the story. You can always press the plus sign as well and go to story from here now hear the voice changer, maybe just right next to the camera option.

So mine is right here, but if you don’t see yours, all you have to do is scroll down to the end and go to the search icon here and press search and then press search up here one more time and type invoice.

The fact you see this last one here says voice FX my Instagram. This is the one you want to find and then you want to press this little download option here to try it.

So I’m going to go and press this and it’s going to save it to my camera or I can just press try it here.

So this should bring you right over here. Now, there are multiple options that you can choose here as you can see.

The first one here is the balloon effect. The one next to it is giant the one is vocalist announcer and robot. Those are all your options at least at the time. I’m recording this and basically, all you need to do is select one of these. So for example, I select this one and this You just have to press and hold here. And while it’s recording your 15-second video clip all the voice everything you’re going to say right now is being chang to that voice

So make sure you talk here to change your voice and then as soon as you let go your clip would be ready to be posted onto your Instagrams.

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And it’s that simple to use the new voice changer inside of the Instagram story.


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