How can you delete your telegram account with permanent permission if you want to delete your telegram account permanently.

 Steps How to delete Telegram account parmanently 2021

To delete a telegram account, first you have to open your Telegram application.

After opening, do you have to tab 3 lines here.

After typing this above do you have to go to Settings first.

In this page, you get an option here. You have to type Privacy and Security above Privacy and Security.

After typing on it, do you have to scroll down this page a little bit. LKG has an option for you here. Delete my account and it is written below that within 1 year, you get the option to delete your account.

Account Service Center This means that if you have selected one month man or 1 year and if you have not used your account during the same time, then your account will be automatically deleted.

Permanently here you have to select 1 month. And after rating 1 month, you went to wait, you do not have to login your account within 1 month and 1 month, after 1 month you will be deleted for the committee.

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