Instagram is a social media platform, which you can share photos or videos. Do you want with your friends and family? Do you want to keep up to date with all your favorite celebrities? If this interests you’re in luck Instagram is an app that allows you to do these things and more.

How to delete Instagram account. The process is the same for Android as well as iOS devices so you don’t need to worry. If you run Android first, make sure that you are connected with the internet and once connected with the internet.

how to delete Instagram account.

simply go and open your Instagram app.

So once the Instagram app is open simply go and tap on your profile icon at the right bottom corner.

Once you are here now go and tap on these three lines at the right top corner now tap on settings in the settings tab on help.

Now tap on the help centre.

And this help centre would open a new menu here. Now, what you need to do is simply go and tap on managing your account.

And in managing your account you need to tap on deleting your account and in delete your account you need to tap on how do I delete my Instagram account?

This would open a drop-down menu.

So here what you need to do is scroll down below and here it says to go to delete your account page you need to tap on this.

In some of the cases if you are if you have this link of help centre is an open web browser. You might need to enter your login credentials like your username and password just go through that process. And once you are logged in you will be redirected to this. Delete your account page. So here you need to why are you deleting your account? You need to select a reason for that. So tap on this now select any reason as you want to tap on done and here you need to enter the password of your account. Once you have entered your password tap on permanently. Delete my account.

So once you do so your account will be deleted in some of the cases. If you want to temporarily disable your account. It says if you are looking to take a break and you can always temporarily disable your car. So this is for the permanent you would not be able to recover that in case if you want to temporarily disable your account, you can simply go through this temporarily disabling of your account process. So here you can select a reason for this you can enter the password and temporarily disable the account so you can go as you want. So hope it has helped you in this a fling or deleting your Instagram account on Android as well as iPhone.


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