If you want to know How to back phone contact to gmail in Android? make sure you watch this article till the end and you should be able to do so.

Steps for How to back phone contact to gmail in Android

Let’s export all your phone contacts at a glance first.

Tap on contacts.

Tap on the three points on the top right corner.

Then tap on Settings by tapping on Settings to make sure all is gone.

keep managing contacts and tap on import / export contacts from your phone because vCard file tap on export button and select internal storage.

And tap on export button contacts starts exporting all the contacts exported on my internal storage.

You can check your internal storage from My File on Mobile and tap on your Files.

Go to internal storage here My exported practices.

Now open your Chrome browser to return your contacts to Gmail. Type google.com on the address bar.

Make sure you log in with your Gmail ID tap on the menu bar.

And tap on Contacts.

If you are using this screen on import contacts for the first time, or you can get this import contact on the menu bar tap on the selected file.

And tap on the Files tab at the three points in the upper right corner and differentiate on internal storage then tap on the menu bar on the top left corner.

Tap on the name of your device. See its internal storage from here.

You can select your exported contacts.

My export contacts selected tap on import.

Now all contacts are imported to Gmail.

So if this article helps you back phone contact to gmail, please let me know in the comments if it worked and I appreciate it.

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