Everyone Facebook finally brought Dark Mode for iPhone and iPad inside the Facebook app, the only way to get Facebook into Dark Mode was through the system settings so that you stay in Dark mode in the Tier iPhone and then you go to Dark Facebook. Mode on. But now you can change it to independent from the rest of your phone.

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1.  All you have to do is update the Facebook app first because it is a new update on Facebook.

Facebook app Dark Mode finally rolls out on app as public test ...

2. Then let’s jump into our Facebook app.

Facebook app Dark Mode

3. Here it works for the iPhone and it works for the iPad as well and here I just push the three lines down a lot to get to the settings page of my phone.

Facebook app Dark Mode

4. Now if I scroll down here, I should proceed to Settings and Privacy and expand it here and then you want to click on Dark Mode again.



5.  If you don’t see it, make sure you update your app. And if you still don’t see it, just give it a few days. Then you will get this update. Let’s click this and right now it’s like this so I’m actually on dark mode but it’s off by default.  

So this is what Facebook would look like without dark mode and I could still use the system. So this is if you darken your iPhone or your iPad more like mode, it will take that setting from there for a while, but the fact that you can turn dark mode on and off here Can, very useful Facebook app.

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