The cybersecurity agency often suggests us to download the app from the Google Play store itself and refuses to download the app from the third-party store. But you will be shocked to know that most of the malware and viruses in your Android smartphone ask from Google.

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Nortonlifelock and the IMTS Software Institute have revealed this in a survey. The joint report of the 2 organizations says that the Google app the biggest source of transmitting viruses to your phone. According to the report, 67% of such apps from the Google Play Store are installed in phones, which contain some kind of malware or not. Parliament was downloaded from the Google Store.

Play Store

Malware was followed by four consecutive months of 7.9 million apps and 12 million Android devices to prepare this report. Has been done between September 2019. The report said that through third party thinking, 10.4% of Android devices included Google Play Store, Alternative Market Web Browser Paper, Install Program Messages and other suites downloaded Android apps that reached the mail itself. The study revealed that 87.2% android apps are downloaded from the Google Play Store, including at the 67.5% malware level, it is also revealed that there is no policy to publish apps on Google Store.

Those two from the Google Play store in July last year. Was downloaded 20 million times. Mail bare apps are continuously appearing on the Google Store. Experts say that Congress will have to adopt a strict policy to help, but if we talk about it, then it is not completely successful.

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